March Madness Las Vegas

This is our second year in Las Vegas for March madness. If you’re thinking about it and you’re wondering is it worth it? The answer is Hell yes!

The weather is beautiful, the people watching is amazing, and it is so much fun.

The first year we went I worried and worried about getting a reservation at some sports book so we could watch the games all day. Unless you truly want to sit inside all day (and I mean 10 hours at the same place) this is not what you should do.  I’m a planner and tend to overthink things and the truth is you have no problem finding a place to watch any game that you want to.


In fact last year we watched the games from a cabana at the cosmopolitan hotel pool and this year we watch them at various bars in the new Linq and I would do both again in a heartbeat.



So here are my tips for March madness in Las Vegas…

#1 – Place your bets as early as you can. It is one of the busiest times in Las Vegas for sports betting, and the night before each round, there can be lines hours long.  If you happen to find yourself staring at one of these long lines step back and consider going to another casino or asking a hotel employee if there’s another place to bet. We found ourselves in just this situation with 30 minutes to game time and a line more than an hour long. Thanks to a tip from someone walking by we found out there was a special betting area set up upstairs. We went up there to find no line

#2-If you don’t want to stay inside, in one place all day do NOT purchase a ticket for one of the special events. Think about it! There are TV’s everywhere everywhere you look you can watch games while you’re gambling, having lunch, sitting by the pool….ANYWHERE.


#3 If you have a special restaurant at the top of your list, make a reservation. If not, you can wing that too. Yes, people! I’m a planner… But I totally let it go on the last two trips and we had a blast. For example, one morning we decided, since it was going to be beautiful, and we wanted to have lunch on the patio at Olives (one of the best patios in Vegas). I checked on my OpenTable app on the phone and made a reservation for two hours later.

#4 I like to visit Vegas in sections. This means we choose a section and stay there for a good part or all of the day. One day we spent the first half of the day in the Palazzo/Wynn area, and the evening running around just the Cosmopolitan. Another day we spent almost a full day at the new Linq. The biggest mistake you can make is to try to walk the entire strip and go from resort to resort. This wears you completely out and makes you very cranky.


#5 Go with the flow not a schedule. If we are going with a group I always ask everyone before we go, or at the beginning beginning of the trip the one thing they most want to do in Vegas. We make sure to try to fit in each of those things over the trip but not on a strict schedule. The beauty of Vegas is wandering around and finding a spot that you never knew about.