Our Favorite Vegas Restaurants

If you read the site regularly you will notice that we visit Las Vegas at least once per year. You will also note that we visit a few select restaurants every single time we go. We have found that a mix of a few new places with restaurants we love is a great way to eat in Vegas. Our regulars are…

Mon Ami Gabi -EVERY SINGLE DAY for breakfast. It is simply amazing and the perfect way to start any Vegas adventure. Everything on the menu is delicious…get one of the big pancakes for the table to share…you won’t regret it.



Olives-We usually do a late lunch or early dinner at Olives on the patio. The weather must be perfect. Too hot and it turns into a nightmare. Also make sure you check the Bellagio Fountain schedule, this is one of the best places to enjoy the fountains



The Waterfall Bar at Wynn-We have visited this bar from two people to 12 people and it is always a blast. The sun bathing and the views of the waterfall are an Oasis. The craft cocktails make me swoon (after two, I really swoon).


Battista’s Hole in the Wall-This homestyle Italian joint is so wonderful after you have had your fill of fancy meals and is also great to nurse hangovers. The food is good, cheap and you get tons of it. Meals include table wine, and after dinner cappuccino.