Top Vegas Tricks and Secrets #1

February 25, 2012

After our most recent trip to Vegas I thought it might be helpful to share some tricks and secrets we have discovered. Over the next few posts I will be sharing these. I would love to hear yours too!

#1 Secret- You can stay in a large suite on a budget.


If you are willing to put up with a couple inconveniences like  extra walking to casinos and restaurants- you can live like a rock star (well, at least for a weekend). On our recent trip we had four couples and wanted to get rooms that would allow for privacy and room to stretch out without breaking the bank. Our solution? Planet Hollywood Towers-A Westgate Vacation Club Resort.


We were able to book two 2-bedroom suites for LESS than the cost of individual rooms. The suites included full kitchens, two bathrooms, a washer/dryer and state of the art technology.

Another solution is the Marriott’s Grand Chateau, which also has three bedroom options and is a bit quieter.

marriott lv 2

marriott lv 3