Paradise- Ft Lauderdale Report 3/2011

April 6, 2011

I had had it! Too much snow…rain…snow/rain mix…clouds…mud…ugh! I had to see the sun just to know I would make it to Spring! So when D’s mom ask me to join her in Fort Lauderdale…I was soooooo there.


I flew in on Wednesday evening taking the Airtrain nonstop…with the so worth it upgrade. She and her friend picked me up at the airport and whisked me away to a fantastic Todd English restaurant,  Da Campo. The entire meal was outstanding, which is a great relief due to a less than great experience recently in Vegas. However, I must gush about the fresh mozzarella. Made at your table (yes, you heard me correctly) and served in six possible ways this is a unique experience. We order traditional Caprese style with fresh tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinager and sea salt. The server arrived with a cart that included a large metal bowl with the cheese curd. He poured 170 degree water over it and formed the ooey gooey delicious cheese.


After this amazing start to the trip, I was a bit troubled by the call for rain on Thursday. However, when we woke up it was beautiful and we made our way to the pool where we enjoyed the 80 degree heat until around 12:30 when…snap…it seemed like a hurricane blew in. We had not had lunch so we headed to the Lauderdale Culinary Art Institute restaurant, Chef’s Palette, for lunch. The meal was $12.99 for three courses and we truly enjoyed the meal itself but also amused ourselves watching the cooking classes that were taking place all around us.


The next day we had to watch our team in the Big Ten Tournament so we planned the day around this. I know you are thinking we are crazy…but wait! We found the perfect spot for a meal, a fabulous drink and a simultaneous view of the game and the ocean at the Ritz Carleton Pool Bar. Needless to say…we spent most trip in this spot and must note that Scottie the bartender made the most amazing Bahama Mama drink. He did share the secret ingredients…banana liquor and coconut rum.


Too soon it was time to go home and we had decided to take a one-stop trip so we could get home by noon. This meant we had to be at the airport around 6:00am (not to mention it was the night of the time change). But we were up and there with plenty of time…however…when we tried to check our bags we kept getting an error and had to find an Air Tran attendant. The manager explained that we were moved to a non-stop flight. The positive side of me thought, “oh how nice…they are not going to make us stop in Atlanta”. Which was true…except…the flight was scheduled to leave at 4:00pm. Ugh! We tried to see if we could get home earlier but after a few hours…gave up…and…went back to the Ritz Carleton Pool. We did get free future flights and another day in the sun…all in all an amazing trip!

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