Il Ristorante Vladimiro (Dining Rome)

December 8, 2010

Via Aurora 37 (Via Veneto)
00187 Roma, Italy
06 481 9467

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When you plan a trip to  Italy you imagine the amazing food, but can it be as good as you imagine? YES! During our first evening D, S and I wandered the streets and literally stumbled into Il Ristorante Vladimiro, we sat outside and immediately felt like this was the Rome we had imagined. The owner greeted us and took our order. This is where we discovered the best dining tip–we asked “what would you recommend?” and he lit up and became completely animated, “Ahhhhh…I bring you SPECIAL…very SPECIAL”. We went with it and the result was a culinary adventure. First we were served the appetizers pictured above…while I cannot do it justice there were cheeses, meats, roasted veggies and a bean pot concoction all served with fresh bread and all delicious.

vlad pasta

The main course was this boat (canoe?) of pasta that took up a third of the table and included one white sauce and two red offerings. The fresh pasta and sauces make me weep as I remember them.

vlad lemon

The meal concluded with lemon icy drinks. These were light and fruity with just a touch of sweetness. Needless to say our first meal in Rome was a huge success and we asked for the ‘special” everywhere we went.

vlad sign

5rating5 overall