Ganymed (Dining Berlin)

November 3, 2010

Schiffbauerdamm 5
10117 Berlin, Germany
030 2859-9046

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ganymed dinner_menu

ganymed pizza

S, D and I were tired and rain soaked as we searched for a pre marathon meal for D. As you may know, this must include steak. We walked down the riverfront, and were lucky enough to stumble into Ganymed, a french bistro. You may be thinking French Bistro? But the initial exchange went like this… three, wet, hungry and tired Americans stumble in the front door stare at the host and say “steak?” He nods yes and we are sold! We begin with a delicious french pizza concoction that has a crispy, crepe like crust and is covered with cheese and bacon.

ganymed salad

I ordered a spring salad mix with lemon vinaigrette. This was fresh, light and tangy. Also deserving mention were the thick cut “fries”, which were soft on the inside and battered-crispy on the outside.

ganymed fries

For dinner we shared the “Double thick fillet steak for 2 persons with Pommery mustard sauce,green beans and pommes Pont Neuf”. This was an amazing roast that was served and sliced at the table surrounded by the freshest, crunchy green beans.

ganymed steak

ganymed carving

Although we should have stopped we could not resist the “Crêpes Suzette with Grand Marnier, Bourbon vanilla ice cream prepared and flamed at the table for two persons”. We even created a vacation rule (the first of many): If there is a dessert on the menu that is served on fire…you have to order it! This was (not surprisingly) warm and gooey crepes served in a puddle of peaches and topped with homemade ice cream.

gany med crepes

ganymed dining

5rating5 overall