Airtran Airlines

March 19, 2010

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As an avid traveler I just love to try any possible upgrade. Literally, people, I can be talked into anything. So, when checking in for my Airtran flight to Ft Lauderdale and asked if I wanted to upgrade for $69….you know what my answer was!

The question…was it worth it?

The first benefit is that you can check up to two bags without charge. Do the math here…this can cover part of the upgrade charge right there. But, I was not checking bags so this did not benefit me.

Next, you can use the ‘first class’ security line. This was a a benefit because there was no line so I went through security in a snap.

Another benefit happens when boarding. You get to board in zone 1…get the pick of overhead storage and get a drink while you wait for the ‘non-upgraders’ to board.

The final benefit is the free drinks and slightly up graded snack service. Yes, this includes booze and as many pre packaged pretzels and cookies as you can eat.

Let me talk for a minute about the Airtran experience itself. It rivals Southwest in service and convenience and the newest feature…in-flight wifi! Yes, I am writing this post somewhere in the air over Tennessee. How cool is that?

So…to review…I think it is worth the upgrade charge…especially if you plan to enjoy a drink and check your bags.