Battista’s Hole in the Wall

January 3, 2010

4041 Audrie Street (Behind Flamingo Hilton)

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109



This is one of our favorite stops in Vegas because of the homey old-world feel. The location dates back to the rack pack days and is adorned with the photos to prove it. The no nonsense staff seats you and points out the menu on the wall.


Each meal includes soup or salad, garlic bread, all the wine you can drink (red or white) and cappuccino. We went with my parents, I selected the chicken pizzaiola ($26.95) which was a large breaded chicken breast smothered with sauce and mushrooms. It was rich with a kick. It was served with a side of pasta and spinach. D chose the Chicken Parmesan ($26.95), which was similar to the pizzailoa without the mushrooms or the kick, and it was smothered in mozzarella. My parents selected the spaghetti with meat sauce ($20.95) and asked to split which was an additional $10 and included all of the accompaniments of the other dinners. The split was well worth it. They both enjoyed the dish and cleaned their plates. The servers are very aware of the menu and the needs of the customers. This was evidenced with little things like bringing an extra bowl of sauce for my parents.

The red wine was good, not fancy, you have to just go with the experience. The salad was iceberg with cheese and pepperoni, when asked what dressings were available the server replied “Italian” and starred at us. The garlic bread was crusty topped with read garlic and olive oil. To finish the cappuccino was more like hot chocolate but was the perfect end to the meal. We highly recommend this spot for the times in Vegas when you just want good food, a lot of it and no fluff.

5rating4 overall