Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf

November 4, 2009

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In order to get in vacation mode D and I decided to visit the spa at the Waldorf on our first night.  We arrived 10 minutes early and were directed to the relaxation room, really several comfortable chairs. We were both treated to a footbath while we completed our entrance survey. This is supposed to provide the therapist with information to make your treatment more enjoyable. The footbath took place on a couch that was lowered to the ground. The therapist actually sat in the floor and provided a light foot massage. We then proceeded to our individual treatment rooms.

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This was D’s first full body massage and his first surprise came when they told him to take all of his clothes off. “I was totally naked!” he told me later. He specifically chose the 90-minute massage ($385) in order to prepare for the marathon. And, after the initial shock he was able to relax enough to almost fall asleep several times. The massage began with a light massage on top of the sheet. The therapist then removed the sheet, covering the more private areas, and massaged the trouble areas with more focus and a deep tissue touch.  Overall, he enjoyed the experience but thought that 90 minutes was a bit long for his first massage.

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I selected the two-hour vichy shower and Wrap ($510). It began in a private treatment room that included a bathroom and shower. This took the place of the locker room.  I liked this set-up because it provided so much privacy. The first part of the treatment took place in the Vichy Shower room. I was situated on a table covered in towels and showered with six massaging showers and scrubbed for about an hour. This was the first time I had tried this type of treatment and I really enjoyed it. It was calming and my skin felt amazing afterward. The only downside was that you get quite a lot of water splashed in your face. The do provide dry washcloths and it didn’t bother me too much, but it might really annoy some.

The second phase of my treatment was the wrap. This took place on a table and began with a firming mask that was applied to the body section of my choice. I was then lathered with oil and wrapped up in a metallic blanket and towels. This was also a nice experience. However, I have had wraps before and normally the wrap includes a large heating cocoon. I really missed this because I loathe being cold and adore being hot. The therapist was highly skilled and very concerned with my comfort.  Overall, I enjoyed the experience, yet for the price point I would have expected a bit more.

5rating4 overall

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