Las Vegas in July-117 and Kids, Kids, Kids

July 1, 2009

For my 40th birthday celebration, I decided to visit my favorite place on earth—Las Vegas. In addition to celebrating, D and I signed up for a craps class, yes….
(a FABULOUS craps class put on by…

We decided to stay, for the second time, in a suite at the Bellagio (see previous post for more details). We again, thoroughly enjoyed the suite and the hotel itself. Since we were taking a class offsite and were often tired in the evenings, we spent almost all of our time dining at the Bellagio restaurants.


Two interesting notes on this trip…

1- It was hot…duh, you say…no humidity, you say… 117 is really, really hot. This did not bother us much–Except D ran everyday (usually in the afternoon) and if you walked anywhere outside you were a total mess. Would I visit in the summer again? Of course, I would go to Vegas any time…We just ended up spending all of our time in our hotel or the attached hotels. So, choose your location wisely

2- Families and kids were everywhere. We had heard the Vegas history when the resorts were catering to families. But never did we imagine so many groups with 2 adults and 4 (or more kids). This did not really bother us, because we spent most of our days in class and the evenings gambling, but it was just surprising.